Shenandoah - 2020-06-12


Riders : Guri, Sameer, Praveen, Deepak, Ketan, Sanjay, Hmeang and Behram

Destination : Shenandoah WV

Cabin : 202 Beauregard Dr, Basye, VA 22810

Route : 86 to Danville, 29 to Lynchburg, 64 from Afton to 81, 263 from Mt Jackson to Cabin

Day 1 :

Stopped at Two Sisters Tap Room and Deli in Alta Vista. Small little place with an equally small gas station. Great local place, awesome food. The staff and especially the owners were extremely friendly. The owner is also the mayor there. Loved our first little break there

The next halt was pretty standard for gas/break and then straight to the cabin. 

Day 2 :

Beautiful ride around Shenandoah. Great internal roads. Ended up doing a 8 mile of gravel riding from Mathia taking route 20 all the way to the cabin. It was a great fun experience. Some cool pics and videos. From there we headed to another cool local place for some beers and snacks at Swover Creek Farm and Kitchen Restaurant

Day 3 :

Headed back after an awesome breakfast by our dedicated  chef Praveen :-)

Pics & Videos