TLW - Forum Rules

  1. Non motorcycle related discussions are not allowed

  2. Post anything and everything related to motorcycles. Jokes, actual rides, lunches, etc but has to be motorcycle related

  3. Please limit forwards and baseless motorcycle related messages to a BARE MINIMUM

  4. Adding a motorcycle picture in the background and wishing 'happy birthday' or any other greeting, is NOT acceptable

  5. Sharing news just by adding 'motorcycle' with no relevance to context, is NOT acceptable

  6. GuFundMe or donation/charity posts are NOT allowed however close the individual is to you or your family. The only exception to this rule is that if the person was in a motorcycle related incident AND you know the person or their family personally.

  7. Profanity, vulgarity or sexual posts are NOT allowed

  8. Zero tolerance for religious, patriotic or political comments

  9. Be respectful of others

If you join forums and do not adhere to any of the above, you WILL BE REMOVED with a two week ban. Second rule break will get you a one month ban. You are welcome to join again after the ban period but a third attempt will mean a permanent removal from the group with no chance of joining back


Welcome and safe riding!