TLW - Group Riding

Notice: TLW is not an organization. Ride leaders are not trained experts at planning or leading group rides but rather just fellow riders who want to share their love of the road with other motorcyclists.  As always, each rider is responsible for themselves and the operation of their motorcycle.  "Ride your own ride" and "ride within your capabilities" are more than sayings.  If you are ever uncomfortable on any ride for any reason, talk to the ride leader or drop out of the ride.  You are responsible for your safety.

1. Ride Your Own Ride - Do not try to go fast because the person ahead of you does. Maintain a pace that you are comfortable with. At the same time, maintain a comfortable gap with the rider in front of you but try not to leave a very large gap

2. Stop Sign / Red Light - The group will halt on every stop sign and turns to make sure nobody is left behind. So if you are left behind, there is nothing to be concerned. Once the ride leader takes off on at a light or stop sign, rest of the group needs to follow. Each individual need'nt stop at the stop sign. You still need to be careful but please do not stop. There will be atleast one road blocker that will make sure other vehicles are aware of the group and dont attempt to merge in. When blockers leave the group they will join back in so leave a spot for them to join

3. Overtaking - There is absolutely no reason to overtake your buddy during a group ride. However we had instances where during an easy paced ride, there are a few folks that want to enjoy the road at faster pace. In such a situation, do not overtake your biker buddy in a single lane without due warning. Either honk or make sure you both have had visual contact and confirmation that you will be going ahead

4. Staggered Formation - Always maintain lane positioning in a staggered formation. If the person in front of you is on the right then you need to be on the left. If lane positioning changes during the ride for whatever reason, then it is imperative that you follow the person ahead of you and change your lane positioning as well. Do not ride behind a rider in the same side of the lane

5. Ride Leader - We are pretty flexible on who wants to lead the ride. We really dont care as long as you have a good route in mind.That said, once the group leader is decided, nobody else should interfere during the entire ride on what route or turn to take. The leader will decide where he wants to go and everyone else follows. Its simple! If you have comments or suggestions regarding the route and you are not leading, please make sure you voice them out before the ride begins

6. Biker Signs - Please signal clearly so that the folks behind you are aware of whats going on. Its not just the group leader that is responsible for communication. Below is a quick summary of the regularly used signs