Gold Wing Tour 2018 - Advantages Over Harley Ultra Ltd 2018



I was comparing a 2018 Honda Gold Wing Tour vs 2018 Harley Davidson Ultra Ltd and came up with these advantages that Gold Wing has over HD :

1. Different Ride Modes

2. Hill Start Assist

3. Anti Lock Brakes

4. Adjustable Suspension

5. Adjustable Electric WindScreen

6. Apple Play

7. Reverse Gear

8. Garage Opener

9. Answer Back Smart Key

10. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

11. Futuristic and User Intuitive Navigation System/Display Console

12. Heated Seats

13. Auto Tour/Saddle Lock

14. $3000 cheaper

They share most of the other user level features. Keep in mind that these are mainly exterior features. Haven't compared the super refined engineering, comfort level, etc


But then, all those advantages above, I still ride a Harley. Because Harley is a Harley!