TLW - Join Group

Thank you for your interest in joining our group. We do not have social media presence other than a WhatsApp group. This is where we discuss our rides and meetings. We also discuss issues with our  motorcycles or ask for help. All of this along with regularly sharing information and interesting motorcycle articles and news.


Before you join, we humbly request you to read all of the below :

1. The only rule to this group is to keep non motorcycle related discussions off limits

2. You can chat anything and everything related to motorcycles

3. Jokes, actual rides, lunches, almost anything but has to be motorcycle related

4. Please limit forwards and baseless motorcycle related messages to a BARE MINIMUM

5. Adding a motorcycle picture in the background and wishing 'happy birthday' or any other greeting, is NOT acceptable

6. Sharing news just by  adding 'motorcycle' with no relevance to context, is NOT acceptable

7. While we do not mind you being a silent spectator in the group, our expectation is that you will join us for atleast one ride within a year

8. Profanity, vulgarity or heavily sexual posts are NOT welcome

9. Zero tolerance for religious, patriotic or political comments

10. Be respectful of others

If you join and do not adhere to any of the above, you WILL BE REMOVED from the group. If you agree and understand


After you join the group, please take a minute and introduce yourself preferably with a picture of you and your ride.