Overnight - Clothes

There is one thing that all bikers are well aware of - Lack of space to carry things, especially when you are going for an overnight trip. But then, most of the bikers have also figured out by now, the best way to carry all the things they want. So I wont get into a luggage or bag discussion here. The only reason I have this as a separate topic is because when I left for my two week ride, I did not realize how many extra clothes I was carrying and that i would end up needing only half of those.


A simple rule of the thumb should be - one spare of each is good enough. Like t-shirt, jeans, underwear, hoodie, socks and anything else that you wear. But anything more than that, is a waste of precious space. Now I say only one spare for a trip of two weeks is because I typically stay the night in a hotel and the hotel typically has a washer/dryer. You can find a washer/ dryer in most hotels or then a coin laundry close by.  If you plan on camping on roughing it out, then you need to consider carrying additional clothes.


​Try and carry synthetic material clothes that don't need ironing. To give you an example of the above, I actually wore the same jeans my entire trip washing it every other day. So I did not need a single spare but was carrying two

1. Jeans/Riding Pants, Zip-Off Hiking Pants

2. Underwear/Socks

3. Shirt/T-Shirt

4. NeckTube/Baclava

5. Shoes - Riding and Non-Riding

6. Shorts

7. Bathing Suit & Towel

8. Packable Down Jacket