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It was always a dream to get a Harley, but sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to pursue our passions. An opportunity came for me to get a Harley and I found a Harley Sportster and bought it on a whim. I didn't even have a motorcycle license at that time, nor did I know how to ride a motorcycle. I ended up getting it on a trailer and bringing it home

I soon registered for the MFC foundations class and got my motorcycle endorsment. After that I was on the bike as much time as I could find. I loved commuting to work on it. Went to Laconia Bike week with it. It was an awesome bike.

But then due a new position at work, I had to relocate from MA to NC. All our stuff was being sent in a truck to NC and I got a person who was very interested in buying my bike. So I sold the Sportster and then headed down to NC. Within a week of moving to NC, I ended up buying another bike, this time the Harley FatBoy!

The legendary Harley Fatboy!! I took that bike all over the place. Even went to Sturgis with it. That was another great bike.

Here is a pic of the bike in Sturgis. Then found this group of like minded people who loved to ride. And started riding a lot more. We went to numerous weekend and overnight trips and then started thinking of doing longer rides. And then I realized that I touring bikes made sense. So sold the Fatboy and then purchased the Harley Ultra Limited. With that I ended up going on a trip all the way to Alaska.

And I love riding the Harley Ultra Limited. But its a heavy bike and its not great on gravel. I started looking at getting another bike for gravel and dirt adventures. And I found yet another bike: the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

And so I now have two bikes and will continue to travel on many more road trips; both on the road and offroad. Who knows what adventures lie ahead?

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