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tushar tyagi
Oct 03, 2021
In General Discussion
Picked up the R6 as my 4th bike in US. I'm sure i'm being biased in my opinion on this bike coming from two super bikes, the R1 and the Concours. The 2017 model is a sweet and sleek looking update of the previously popular machine. For sure it screams, makes a lot of noise and makes heads turn anywhere it goes ;) It feels pretty agile and gives a good kick as u rev it up and shift the gears. But as u hit the 6th gear something happens and the fun stops - it runs out of power and u've only reached the high 80s :) At this point you really have to raise the rpm's into the double digits to get any more juice out of it, but I feel as if the engine is going to explode on me. Had it been the R1 or the Concours the bike would have not even reached half its power delivery. On the liter and + bikes it would feel that the power would never stop coming. But this 600cc bike has its limits. Its a good fast starter bike for someone coming from say a 100 to 300cc bike but nothing more. So after riding the R6 for 4-5 months now, I conclude this is not the bike I can keep for the long term.
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