Riding At Night

First off, there should be no need for you to ride at night. This is a country where people ride to enjoy. Night riding by no means is an enjoyable ride.

That said, I have myself ended up in situations where i needed to ride at night just to reach my destination for that day. Maybe an hour or two after the sun set. For times like those, I have a couple of recommendations, the first one being the most important :

01. Try to figure out a car/truck/bus thats going about 5-10 mph slower than what you would max at night. Along with the speed, also make sure that you are behind a relatively safe driver and not someone thats living on the edge. Once you find such a vehicle, make sure you continue following it (at a very safe distance) to the best of your ability. The advantages of following a vehicle are plenty :

     a. Need not worry about poor lighting on your motorcycle

     b. Vehicle in front takes care of speed on curves

     c. Keeps you going at a speed that you might have not typically due to darkness

     d. Need not worry about bad roads etc as you will see the vehicle in front and reduce speed/maneuver accordingly

02. Go atleast 10-15 mph slower than what you would have during the day

03. Avoid passing unless absolutely necessary

04. Dont forget fog lights if motorcycle equipped