TLW - Riders

Abhay Babbar

Harley - Fat Boy - 2015

Riding since I can remember. Started with Dad’s Hero Honda then CBR 1000 and then Pulsar 180. Riding is life and I love it. Vmax has been one of my craziest bike V4 baby. Now I have recently upgraded to HD Fat boy 2015 (loving it). My goal is to ride it cross country. Dream bike Kawasaki H2.




Anshoo Mehra

Harley - NightRod - 2014

First bike Suzuki Shogun in 1993, 108cc, 2-stroke, 14 bhp. During those years, I had flair for motorcycle racing, and via that amazing group had been fortunate to have hands-on Yamaha 350cc, Yahama 100c, Bullet 500/350cc. Though I started riding earlier than owning my first motorcycle, Lambretta & Bajaj Super were amazing machines I enjoyed most of my childhood .. Presently own Harley NightRod-2014, my passion for motorcycles can be summed up by quote "Fours wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul.."

Arvind Lakshman

Yamaha - Supertenere - 2014

Started riding around 16 – Luna, TVS Champ, Hero Puch, Suzuki Samurai and RX-100 in India followed by a Kawasaki Versys 650, Yamaha FJ-09 and now a Yamaha Supertenere! I love to ride and am a regular on the weekend rides! Prefer twisty roads and the mountains and hate droning on the highways! I follow all traffic rules and laws and don’t go over the speed limit – I usually ride at the rear of the pack!

Aubhro Ghosh

Yamaha- Raider S - 2008

Rebel without a cause! I've always been fascinated with 2 wheelers. Rode a Yamaha Libero in my late teens/ early 20s in India. Got back into riding after 10 years but the spirit never died. I've gradually moved on: Yamaha R6, Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom, Triumph  Speed Triple, Yamaha Raider S and Yamaha R1. Just love to ride; it's my stress buster, my outlet!

Behram Jamaspi

Harley - Ultra - 2017

Started with a TVS 30 cc and later upgraded to a 50cc Luna back in India. Moved to 100cc Kawasaki, 135cc Yamaha and then to a 150cc Honda until 2010. That was my last motorcycle in India before I moved to the US. Once here, started with a Hyabusa, then HD V-Rod and finally settled in on a HD Ultra. Love short and long rides, curvy or straight, solo or group, with or without a passenger. As long as I am riding, the who, what, how, whens do not matter

Deepak Dhar

Harley - Fat Boy - 2008

First bike owned: Harley Sportster 1200
Purchasing a Harley was always a bucket list item for me and I managed to finally buy one in 2012; At the time I bought it, I did not even know how to ride a motorcycle, I had never ridden one in my life.  I had to bring it to my home in a trailer!  I then got the license endorsement and then started commuting with it.  Love the Harley experience, rallies, motorcycle camping.  Would love to go on an adventure tour someday on a motorcycle!

Dileep Reddy

HD - XXXX - 20xx


Dinesh Reddy



Gaurang Trivedi



Guri Burmi

Ducati - Monster 1100 - 2013

First Bike Owned - Kawasaki 100cc

Longest ride - 24 hours non-stop ride from Bangalore to Kovalam

Motorcycle experience - Been riding since 1991 and dabbled in some Motocross as well in Bangalore

Love riding curvy mountain roads




Elango Siva

BMW - K1200 - 20XX


Erez Halfon

Ducati - Multistrada - 2012

I do not deliver pizza ;-) enjoy my rides, unfortunately with 3 kids, it's getting harder and harder for me to find time to ride , hope to join you all very soon

Jishnu Thampee

Suzuki - Blvd C50T - 2012

Riding is life, riding with friends is fun! I love fun in life. Country roads, take me home,To the place, I belong (Lyrics by John Denver). Thats what I love about riding. Sorry, no highways please...

Ketan Lad

Harley - StreetBob - 2007

Casual riding with some awesome group of friends 

Kumar Gaurav

Yamaha - Raider - 2008

Realized the Passion for Motorbikes in my early teens. The real deal began when I became the proud owner of Hero Puch followed by Yamaha RXZ 135, then everlasting relationship with my priceless possession,  “Bullet Machismo” (Still own). My love and enthusiasm never died, I guess that is when I realized that I am a Born Rider. In US I resumed my biking journey with Harley Davidson V-Rod- loved the bike, but sold it to get a more powerful, less noisy Yamaha Raider 1900. In the end would say Live, Love and Ride…life is too short to whine and complain

Manish Kumar

Suzuki - Boulvd C50 - 20xx



Honda - Shadow 750 - 20xx


Naresh Giri

Yamaha - YZ600R - 2007


Naveen Paneni

Kawasaki - VulcanS - 2017


Nitu Kalita

Honda - VTX1300S - 2004

First motorcycle was a Honda CD 100 when I was 15 years old. Rode that from Baroda to Mumbai when I was 16. During the same year made trips to Mt Abu from Baroda.  At 17 made a trip from Baroda to Nepal. Total around 4000 kms.  Later bought a yamaha Rx 100 and rode that for 2 years. After that bought the Enfield Bullet 500. Was a great bike but no speed. So bought the Yamaha 350. For local rides used the Yamaha while for long rides used Bullet 


Kawasaki - Ninja ZX6R - 2007


Praveen Chand

Harley - Road Glide - 2012

Flying high in spirit is what a feeling out there with someone like my bike and couple of good n crazy friends…!! Though I like, love and ride Harley passionately but I don’t have any prejudice about other motorcycles. To me it’s a way to enjoy being free and flying through the breeze. To me riding alone is a necessity or commute whereas with friends it’s just  fun. Have done quite a few interesting long rides & will continue to do so. My dream ride is to go for Trans Himalayans motorcycle expedition .. the highest motorable route in the world (alas someday..!!) and explore the high altitude beauty of the Himalayas, in far north of India. When we go for weekend rides my passion of cooking and singing swings into action..!!

Raghu Bhogireddi

HD - Sportster 1200 - 20xx


Rahul Nimbalkar

Kawasaki - Ninja 300 - 2014

I probably have the distinct honor of owning the lowest cc motorcycle in the group 😀. However I love it's lightweight handling and flickability.  I enjoy riding on curvy roads. I try and ride throughout the year, though it's not that easy to always find time since I have 5 year old twin boys.

Rahul Patel

Honda - VTX1300 - 2006

My passion for riding motorcycles started at a very young age. My first bike was a brand new Royal Enfield 350cc (Bullet) right out of high-school.  I used that for about 18 months before handing it up to my older brother so that I could buy a new Bullet :). My first long solo ride was from Gujarat to Pune, Maharashtra on my 2nd Bullet right before coming to the US in 1983.  My first purchase in a couple of weeks was a Honda Shadow 750cc followed by a Harley-Davidson 883.  After I experienced my share of body massages, I bought a 2006 Honda VTX1300R.  I recently sold that to make space for a new acquisition, which has still not happened. 

Sai Das Chaudhary

Suzuki - Blvd  M109R - 2007

Learned to ride motors at age 10 by sneaking out my dad’s Bajaj Priya scooter.  Learned to ride motorcycles at age 16 on my friend’s Yamaha RX 100.  Quickly realized that a guy plus 2 wheels equate to nirvana!  First bike owned was a 150 cc Hero Honda CBZ.  Some of my fondest memories of college are the times spent on my bike.  Rode till 2005 till an accident involving my wife put a firm end to my riding days.  After a 15 year gap, wife finally agreed to let me ride again and I got my bike.  Already in love again even as I slowly learn how to master this beautiful 1800cc all-muscle cruiser!  Can’t wait to make a whole new set of awesome memories!

Sameer Dave

Triumph - Commander - 2014


Sanjay Reddy

Harley - FatBoy - 2006



BMW - R1200R - 20xx



Yamaha - Raider - 2011

Fascinated by 2 wheelers since I was 7... started my journey on Luna and Rajdoot bikes where my uncle allowed me to control the handle bar and accelerator while he dealt with gears...finally had a scooter to call my own then moved on to various bikes like Pulsar and Karizma till an accident put a stop to all of it in 2002. Had written off the biking chapter for safer rides (cars) till I rode again 3 weeks back as a test ride. Reformed addict got a high and bought the Yamaha Raider 2011 within a week. Now re mastering the forgotten art!

Satish Musti

Ducati - Panigale - 20xx


Saurin Pandya

Harley - FatBoy Lo - 2012

Started  riding since I was 14. First ever 2 wheeler rode was Luna. First ever motorcycle owned was 100cc Honda back in India. Explored variety of motorcycles during my teenage/early twenties such as Yamaha Rx 135, Bajaj Pulsar, Honda CBZ, Royal Enfield, etc. While in US started exploring Harley Soft Tail models and gradually settled on Fat Boy Lo (current ride). As of late, fascinated by ADVs (KTMs and BMW models) although my love for Harleys can never be replaced. I love the adrenaline and thrill that comes with riding however it’s not so much about the speed but about the overall experience, open roads and freedom to explore. Prefer back/country roads.

Sudar Ramasamy

Honda - Valkyrie - 2016



Yamaha - MT - 2009


Tushar Tyagi

Yamaha - R1 - 2014


Udit Mehrotra

Yamaha - Bolt - 2016


Vijay Pallaigar

Kawasaki - Vulcan S - 20xx


Vikas Laad

Yamaha -Z3 - 20xx