Guri Burmi

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Rajat Chauhan


Vulcan S 650


I think its in my blood...been riding ever seen i was in womb with my parents on the 1975 Java, wonderful 250cc , 298Kg motor that i loved to boast around in my college eventually :) So thats where I learned riding on- Java, since I was in 10th standard (1997). Second bike was in College, 2000 - first bike with Disc brakes launched in India- Bajaj Croma, nice sleek ride with decent torque and pickup (by then and their standards). Traded that in 2nd year, 2002 with a Hero Honda Excalibur, nothing special, just liked the looks and was in budget and then eventually got a Honda Unicorn in my final year college 2004 which I recently donated to a cousin. Had 2-3 falls over the years (all after marriage btw ;))...but luckily nothing major (no jinx). Had my share of crazy teenage races , adrenaline rushes post the green signals and twisty overtakes across the maddening Delhi traffic...used to ride everyday for 1-2 hrs from Ghaziabad to Gurgaon for work (day or night ) for a couple of years (50km one way)and loved every piece of it. Ever since I first came to US in 2007, i dreamt of riding here and finally the dream came true in 2019 when wifey got me this lively first ride - Kawi Vulcan S- so far, no complains at all..feels like my kinda bike- sporty, nimble, and sounds amazing with the Delkevic exhaust add-on. Glad to find this band of bros here...Ride life, King size !!