2019 - NC Ride For Kids

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Behram Jamaspi

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Behram, Aubhro, Sameer, Guri, Suraj

Always a pleasure and humbling experience to participate in Ride For Kids

Turned out to be a great ride. a couple of us from our group made it for the ride and several folks donated to this great cause. Aubhro as always, was the topmost fund collector from our group. He has an amazing group of friends/peers that whole heartedly contribute each year. We managed to collect more than $1200. Thats pretty successful for such a small group as ours.

We also ended up receiving a nice plate and extra tshirts from the Ride organizers almost 6 months after the ride. It was pretty sweet of them. They were handed off to Aubhro and his buddies for their excellent support

For all those who have never been for this ride, just know that other than this being a fabulous ride with more than 500 motorcycles, cops leading, food etc, it is also a very humbling experience at the end when family members of survivors and those that didnt survive, talk about their struggles and at the same time thank everyone that made it there to support their battle .. so do consider joining the ride and bring your spouse/kid as well if possible .. its much more than just another ride!