Weather & Clothing

It is extremely important to check weather forecast before you head out. This is applicable for short and multi day rides. We assume that the weather will be the same as the place we leave from but as most of the riders already know, that is not the case. Weather on one day, depending on where you ride, could vary almost 50 degrees. Its important that you know what additional to carry. Here is an approximate guide but it completely depends on each individual and the current day circumstances.

110 and above - don't wear anything :-)

80-110 - t-shirt is fine but might need thin jacket to protect from direct sun
70-80 - tshirt and sweatshirt/hoodie
60-70 - thin jacket
50-60 - thick jacket and inner and hoodie
40-50 - Multiple layers of jacket/inner as well as chaps or rain wear over jeans

30-40 - Heated gear preferred or else multiple layers of jackets, inners, chaps, etc
Below 30 - Heated gear is a must!


As mentioned above, these are approximations and a lot of factors could affect these numbers :

01. If the sun is bright and shining, then at the same temperature, you are going to need less warmer clothes. I notice a difference of almost 10 degrees when the sun is bright and shining.

02. Distance also matters. If it's only few minutes or 1-2 hours, you can bear the cold knowing that it will end soon. If you are starting a 5-6 hour ride, then you better be well prepared.

03. Each individual's ability to bear heat or cold

04. How hungry you are